As a Charlotte Mason educator, the study of people and places are important to a child’s education. Using living books to study people and places are what brings history alive to those reading and learning.

10 People From BC Times that Charlotte Mason Would Want Your Kids to Know

Many readers have been enjoying my 10 People series and this one has been done because of a request.

Here is my list of 10 People from BC Times worth studying:

  1. Alexander the Great – Living from 356 to 323, Alexander was a king of a region in Greece known as Macedon. Although he inherited a large kingdom from his assassinated father, his quest for expanding was always there. He tactics in war and conquest have become examples for those who came after him, which is what has given him his name… ‘the Great'.
  2. Socrates – Considered the founder of western philosophy, he lived from 469 to 399 BC in Athens, Greece.
  3. Plato – A student of Socrates, Plato lived in the late 420's to 340's BCs. He is most known as a philosopher in Classical Greece. He was the founder of the Academy of Athens, which was the first institution of higher learner.
  4. Julius Caesar – He lived 100 to 44 BC, who played a role in social and government reformed and is known for creating the Julian calendar. He was assassinated by a Roman senator, Brutus.
  5. Octavius – He was the founder of the Roman Empire and is better knowns as Augustus.  He worked to defeat the assassins of Julius Caesar, along with Mark Anthony.
  6. Mark Anthony – A cousin of Julius Caesar, he was a general who joined forces with Octavius after the death of Caesar. However, later he and Octavius started a Civil War against each other. His life end, along with Cleopatra, in 30 BC is what his is most known for and not his part in taking Roman from a Republic to an Empire.
  7. Cicero – He was a Roman philosopher, who lived from 106 to 43 BC that greatly influenced the Latin language.
  8. Virgil – He was a Roman poet who lived from 70 to 19 BC.
  9. Chihoang-Ti – The Chinese ruler who had the Great Wall of China built from 263 to 236 BC.
  10. Hipparchus of Nice – He was responsible for the beginning of geographical and astromical science during 160 to 125 BC.

Are you looking for some more people from BC times to study?  Take a look at these resources!