I know a last minutes shopper or two. I think most everyone does. You may be one yourself. If you are, these 10 meaningful last minute gifts could help you when you are trying to get everything on your list done quickly.

10 Meaning Last Minute Gift Ideas | www.joyinthehome.com

Here are 10 meaningful last minute gifts:

  1. JewelryNecklaces are great for women and watches are great for men. However, rings and earrings are also a great last minute idea.  When I bought my husband his watch, I also bought a stuffed animal and put it around the neck of the bear and wrapped the scarf of the bear around the watch. It took him a little while to see the watch but when he did he was really surprised!
  2. Bible – Have their name added to it, for a more meaningful gift. Most Christian Book stores can add a name to it within a few minutes. I purchased one for my hubby a few years ago and had my nickname for him put on the Bible. The man doing it asked me a few times if I was sure that I wanted to put ‘that' on the Bible. I assured him that I did and my husband loved it. I call him ‘Smexy' – which is a combination of ‘smart' and ‘sexy'.
  3. Coat/Jacket – A dressy coat or jacket would be a meaningful gift that will keep you in the mind of the receiver for a long time.
  4. Scarves – Infinity scarves are becoming very popular for women. Men are starting to wear more dressy scarves with their dress jackets, as well.
  5. Electronics – Who would love something electronic, like an ipod, ipad, Kindle Fire or an upgrade on their smart phone? If you are splurging on some electronics for a music lover, don't forget to purchase an iTune gift card to get them started with their favorite music!
  6. Perfume – Buying a fragrance that you love for the one you love, even if it is a last minute gift will be one that will bring a smile! I remember the first time I bought a cologne for my husband, we were engaged. He let me wear his sweater home on night, a few weeks before we were married and I slept with the sweater, just to keep smelling this fragrance that make me think of him!
  7. Kerigs – With the love of specialty coffees, the Kerig is one appliance that seems to quite popular in many homes. If you don't have one, it could be a great last minute gift idea that would be sure to please. Don't forget to get a good supply of flavors.
  8. Camera – In the world of digital photography, so many are falling in love with taking their own photographs and finding hobbies in photography.  You could always start with a point and shoot camera or a DSLR camera, like Nikon (I love mine!).  If they already have a DSL, consider accessories like an upgraded lens or a tri-pod.
  9. Tools – Both men and women need tools – men need them for the garage and women need them for the kitchen.  I'm not very good with knowing what tools my husband needs, but I remember one Christmas surprising him with a miter saw! Most women love Kitchenaid Mixers and high end knives.
  10. A Getaway – Giving a getaway that is a last minute gift idea will be one thing that looks like you spent a long time putting together. If you go with this idea, be sure to add a few gifts under the tree for an outfit or two that can be used on the getaway.

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