When our children are stuck inside, whether it is because of cold weather and short days or extremely hot weather, it is always a joy to have them doing something quietly. I know that I'm not the only mom to think so.  You may not know what to suggest to your children to do that will keep them content and quiet for hours inside.

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10 Indoor Activities that Keep Kids Quiet

I would love to share with you my list of activities that provide hours of quiet for our children when they are stuck inside. Please note that these activities are for a large range of ages, and some should be done with adult supervision.

  1. Reading – I love to provide my children with a basket filled of books that interest them. My own shelves are filled, but mostly with homeschooling living books, so I love to fill the basket with books from the library. Many times, there will be books about animals, the history of weapons, books that teach a skill like calligraphy, sports, knot tying and more.  Implementing a time for quiet book time is really a good thing that all ages would benefit from, including mom.
  2. Building – Children love building! Early stages of building can easily be done with Duplo Bricks and Lincoln Logs. The beloved Legos wouldn't be far behind, and even more building with the equally loved wooden train tracks. As children grow, they love to build tents and forts, transforming their bedrooms and living rooms into imaginary places that can easily give hours of fun.
  3. Creating Videos – My boys, as they grow, have turned their love of Legos, army men and cars into stop motion videos, with their Kindle Fire that has a front and rear camera and a free app. This will provide hours of fun far into their teen years.  Our five year old can even do this with his own Kid's Edition Kindle Fire that is made just for his age, and comes with a 2 year warranty that makes it easier for us to give him the freedom to create videos and photos on his.
  4. Writing – Not all children love to write, but if you have a writer, like I do, you can easily give them hours of writing fun with just a few writing tools. My daughter loved calligraphy and gel pens to practice writing special letters to friends. I loved providing her with her own stationary, which often came from the dollar store and a book of stamps that gave you the ability to sent one or two letters a week. Letters quickly turned into writing her own stories and provided her with hours of quiet time several days a week.
  5. Drawing – My children all love to draw! We provide them with their own sketch book, colored pencils and drawing pencils. My children love books that have step to step directions on how to draw, like Draw Write Now and Draw and Write Through History.
  6. Play Dough – Children love play dough! In our experience, having some tools and accessories will provide hours of quiet play for children of many ages.
  7. Making Jewelry – My daughter loved doing beading.  The more her interest grew in it, we got her some tools to make more advanced jewelry that she even sold for awhile. When she was young, Rainbow Looms were not around, but she has still taken time to learn this new art of jewelry making.
  8. Creating with Yarn – My children loved learning how to knit with looms that made it easy and quick to make projects. They also enjoyed learning the skill of crocheting for kids.
  9. Whittling and Carving – My children have loved learning the skills of whittling and carving. They loved the beginners guide to whittling to learn the skill and project ideas.
  10. Making Models – My boys have loved models of all kinds. Car models, wooden models and anything that they could build that had directions and a finished project.

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