Summer for us is filled will learning, but not from books.  This is the time that we focus on a hobby, old or new, and give focus to learning it better.  These times have proven to be molding times for my children, as often times these hobbies shape some form of life skills they end up needing for their future choices.

10 HOBBIES Perfect for Summer Fun - Get rid of the boring kids, and foster the love of hobbies! |

I created a summer learning checklist for my younger children that will help them dabble with several of these things to keep their summer days fun and exciting, while learning in a different way!

Here are 10 Hobbies Perfect for Summer Fun

  1. Building – Younger children would love to build with Legos, Lincoln Logs, K'Nex and just blocks. As children grow older, forts and tree houses become part of their building hobby dreams.  I have such fond memories of my children playing in the woods and building their own dock, using trees they knocked down with hand axes and spare wood from their dad.  Our home was the hottest fun spot among the friends. Don't forget building bird houses! Kids would love that project as well.
  2. Jewelry Making – My daughter spent much of her summer time making jewelry with beads. We gave her jewelry tools and supported her desire to try to sell them.  Even at 20 years old, she enjoys doing Rainbow Loops with her younger cousins and even my boys enjoy Paracord wristbands.
  3. Crocheting and Knitting – My daughter learned to crochet as a young girl and I love that see was introduced to knitting through an easy kit that allowed her to make hats, but seeing her now, making a scarf with knitting needles is a joy to me.
  4. Whittling, Carving and Wood Burning – All of my children, except my preschooler, has enjoyed whittling.  It always seems that this hobby has been the stepping stones to carving.  We have purchased carving kits and tools to encourage our children in this hobby.  My sister-in-law is amazingly talented with wood burning and one summer, she gave us some lessons on how to do it. We all loved it and knowing that my children know how to use the wood burning tools correctly is a peace of mind for me.
  5. Painting – I must admit that on many days in the past, I would claim a day for me to just paint. I'm not that good at it, but I find it so relaxing and a joy.  I love to use acrylic paint mostly, but using watercolors or oil pastels.  We use heavy duty sketch pads, mini canvases, small canvases and large canvases.
  6. Modeling with Clay – Kids love to play with dough and clay.  The next step is modeling clay.  You can start with an air drying clay and work your way up to oven baked clay.
  7. Building Models – My son went through a stage that he enjoyed building model cars. I remember him saving his money to buy the next model on his list. Your airplane loving child may enjoy putting together a model airplane and your dinosaur lover may enjoy putting together dinosaur kit.
  8. Cookie and Cake Decorating – My children really enjoy decorating cookies and cakes, but my daughter takes it to a higher level. Having the decorating tips, frosting bags and some time in the kitchen is all that is needed to provide this wonderful hobby to your children. For serious decorators, you may be interested in getting them the Course One book or Course Two book to learn the keys to decorating beautifully!
  9. Photography – Our family loves photography!  With summer, you have all kinds of subjects to photograph.  My daughter and I use a Nikon DSLR but my sons love a point and shoot camera.  This is a great opportunity to earn high school credit during summer, while having fun!  You can show off what you have done with a great keepsake!
  10. Animation Movies – Turning a love of Legos into a hobby of animation movies is a perfect thing for children who are still enjoying Legos but needing something more out of this past time. You would need a webcam, an animation software and some sound effects for fun.

I hope these ideas will find your summer full of fun and learning!  If you need more summer fun inspiration, check out my Summer Bucket list!


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