If you have younger children in your home, like I do, then you know how difficult it is to find smaller gifts that you would really want to get for Christmas.  This is why I wanted to have a good list of gifts children can buy for their parents. I wanted my younger children have some ideas that would be usefully and make them feel good when buying them.

10 Gifts Children Can Buy for Their Parents www.joyinthehome.com

Here are 10 gifts children can buy for their parents:

  1. Calendars – Everyone needs a new calendar.  The dollar store and Walmart sell a variety of them that will give even the youngest child a fun time to pick one that fits their parents just perfectly.
  2. Stamps – Most people still use stamps to mail out things. Have the children pick out which stamps that they want to give.
  3. Envelopes – Stamps need envelopes, so if you have more than one child, the other one can pick out some mailing envelopes that will go perfectly with the stamps.
  4. Pens and Pencils – Even though we are a homeschooling family, I can never have enough pens and pencils. I always have these on my wish list.
  5. Car scrapers – Depending on where you live, a car scrapers can be a big necessity that you would love to receive from your children. My children loved to pick out their favorite colors when choosing scrapers for gifts.
  6. Spatulas – It may be because I cook a lot, but spatulas are always a great gift for my kitchen.
  7. Coffee mugs – If there is a hot beverage lover in the house, a coffee mug is a great gift for children to buy for their parents.  You may even want to have a custom photo mugs made for them.
  8. Candles – Children love candles and so do most women, which makes this a perfect gift.
  9. Joke books – My husband loves jokes and my children have always loved getting him joke books, so they all could laugh together.
  10. Ornaments – Adding a new ornaments to the tree because it was a gift from your child could be a great tradition.

These are great gifts children can buy for their parents and ones that parents would love to get. I hope you enjoy these ideas to helping your little ones enjoy the shopping experience!