I love to introduce my children to the wonderful Bible stories and in ways that capture all their attention. We have used not only Bible stories, but a variety of Bible verses in our parenting of our children, as well as sharing our Christian faith with them from an early age.

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10 Bible Stories for Preschool Boys

Bible stories are not gender specific, but in our family’s experience, our boys loved certain stories and our daughter loved other ones better.  These are the top favorite stories of our boys.

  1. Creation story of Adam and Eve
  2. Cain and Abel (this is such a great story for those boys who deal with acting out when angry)
  3. Noah and the flood
  4. Joseph
  5. Battle of Jericho
  6. David (don't forget about the lion that he killed before Goliath)
  7. Samson
  8. Jonah
  9. Daniel, along with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
  10. Jesus (from his birth, miracles and sacrifice for us)

Our children have loved A Child's First Bible because of the beautiful illustrations and the short stories on the pages.

In addition to their own Bible, they spent hours watching the Old and New Testament animated DVDs all the time.

The hours they played Bible stories, and watched the DVDs were many, and the lessons they took from them were priceless!

I love this age, and seeing their hearts open up to God, and their Savior Jesus. Teaching our children to pray has been something that has brought so much joy to us, as their is nothing more amazing then hearing your young children pray for your needs.