This week in the Review Series, I’m reviewing the Pre-reading program from All About Reading. After homeschooling for 15 years, I was so excited to see such a fun reading program that will engage the reader and teach key elements important to teach your child to read.

7 Ways All About Reading Will Teach Your Child to Read

7 Ways All About Reading will teach your child to read:

  1. Letter Recognition – With the Pre-reading program, preschoolers can learn letter recognition before starting the phonograms, the sounds the letters make to form words. For each letter of the alphabet there is a craft sheet (like the one in the picture above with the capital A and alligator.
  2. Phonogram CD-Rom or the NEW app – Learning the phonograms with All About Reading or Spelling has NEVER been easier. The first time I received the CD-Rom, I popped it in and my two younger children will having a great time with clicking and repeating the sounds of each of the letters. I absolutely LOVE that this includes all of the sounds of each letter and multi-letter phonogram. I also LOVE the way that they have colored each group of phonograms for easy identification. I was so happy that they released a new FREE app to use on many electronic devices.
  3. Rhyming Picture Cards – Each program, rather it is for reading or spelling, comes with a durable card box to store the flash cards in for lesson work. With the Pre-reading program, these are rhyming picture cards that will help them hearing the ending sounds and learning about ‘word families’ by ear. As your child goes into the reading and spelling programs, these boxes will still be used by with reading words and spelling words. They are organized perfectly for review and mastery goals.
  4. Multiply Sensory – Each of the 78 lessons for the Pre-reading program has activities that will put several sensory in practice. This allows for the lessons to stay fresh and exciting, while mastering the concept for that lesson.
  5. Read Alouds – With Pre-reading, you get two hard covered books: The Zigzag Zebra and Lizard Lou. These books are black and white and contain some of the best art in children’s reading books. This is very important to our family, so of course I feel in love with these books immediately and found myself caressing their cover with a smile. Yes, I literally do this! Each lessons has a reading out loud assignment with an encouragement to read an addition 20 minutes to your children of a book of your choice.
  6. Comprehension – This program fits perfectly with the Charlotte Mason method as a way to teach narration by discussing stories and characters. As I just mentioned the pictures are amazing and for little minds, they will help build the comprehension of the stories.  The posters for the capital and lower case letters are make with these same pictures and will help your child to ponder the stories far after the lesson is over, allowing the comprehension to continue.
  7. Element of Fun – Ziggy Zebra puppet will quickly be your child’s favorite thing about reading lessons.  Although Ziggy isn’t used in every lesson, he can certainly be a companion through the lessons. When he is part of the lessons, the element of fun will be engaging the child in a way that a normal reading program can’t, which will make a big difference in what is retained.

I absolutely love how the All About Reading is formatted to perfectly work with the All About Spelling, so the child that learned to read with this program can seamlessly jump from reading lessons to spelling lessons without learning different ways of doing their lessons.

You will want to chose which Interactive Kit you would want to use once you get into the Reading and Spelling.

All About Learning programs, reading and spelling, are formatted exactly the same, giving the teacher easy lesson plans that are perfect to follow and teach.

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