As curriculum is to your child’s education, joy is to your homeschool journey. It is a necessity and worth investing in to obtain it for a lasting part of your homeschool. Knowing this is easy, but knowing how to find lasting joy in your homeschool may be difficult to many of us. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

5 Ways to Find Lasting Joy in Your Homeschool - As curriculum is to your child's education, joy is to your homeschool journey. |


5 Ways to Find Lasting Joy in Your Homeschool

If you are like me, some days can seem to leave you drained and you need to be reminded of why you do what you do. Looking for resources to bring you out of these days when they can linger isn’t on our to-do list because we just believe that it is part of the homeschooling life, but moms, it isn’t!

God has promised an abundantly life, and has given us ways to live with joy, even in the hardest parts of life. We all need to seek ways to walk in this truth and experience lasting joy in your homeschool, regardless of what life may bring.

Stop Believing The Lies of Homeschooling

We believe some hurtful lies in our homeschooling journey, because of what we think is the normal way of homeschooling. Truth sets us free, and there are truths about homeschooling in a way that fits your unique family that is hard for many homeschooling moms to grasp and walk through.

Once you identify these lies, and implement steps to overcome the struggle that can happen when you have believed a lie for so long and try to walk in truth.

Go With the Rhythm of Your Home

Structure doesn’t mean scheduling. Each family has a natural rhythm that they strive in when they recognize it and embraces the daily rhythm of what life looks like for your unique family.

Not sure how to find your natural rhythm?

Finding the rhythm of your home isn’t that difficult, but it does require focused and observation to identify the key things that will make your home run smoother, and your home experience more joy and peace daily. It is worth every bit of the effort to find!

Strive for Simple Days

You may wonder what simple really means or if it is even possible in today’s fast moving culture. It is possible, and it goes along with identifying your rhythm and adding your other responsibilities to accomplish simple days.

Striving for simple days will take some work, but once you find it, your life will be calmer, even while getting everything you need to do but with a way that keeps you experiencing joy, even in what may look like busyness to others.

Safe Guard Your Joy

Protecting your mind from the joy-stealers that we allow to happen that results in sabotaging our own joy. Renewing your mind, to focus on the good things that fill your day, will help you to safe guard your joy. Implementing new habits to remove the old habits that have been little by little taking away your joy.

Take Inventory

Understanding the source of joy in your home and routines can help you increase and keep lasting joy in your homeschool. However, taking inventory for the things that aren’t working in your homeschooling and find solutions to these problems will help you not only have daily joy when you need it most, but will also be a way to having lasting joy for years to come.

If you need more help in finding lasting joy in your homeschooling, I would love to recommend Karen DeBeus’ book Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool.



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