Do you desire to have joy in motherhood?

I teach overwhelmed moms who desire to have joy in motherhood
how to identify and eliminate the chaos-causing elements to their daily
struggles by using tried and proven approaches that will have them loving motherhood again. 

I’ve created resources to help you eliminate joy hinders that were stopping me when I lost my joy. These resources will help you begin to identify and eliminate the chaos-causing elements one at a time.

Free Resources to Eliminate Joy Hinders

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“I was in my early 30’s and living my dream life. But something wasn’t right inside… 
That’s when I realized that my heart reflections, bad habits, and daily chaos chipped away
at my joy one day at a time. Then one day, I woke up to realize that I had lost my joy in motherhood

Dollie Freeman

Homeschool Mom to FOUR children ages 9 to 25



It took a crying craze drive in the country to get me to realize that something had to change with how I was doing motherhood.

It was in that moment, lost in the woods and not sure how to get back home, that I started my personal joy journey to become a joy-filled mom.

Over the 25 years of motherhood, I’ve been both unintentional and intentional in how I ran our home and parented our children. It was only when I became intentional about identifying and eliminating the chaos-causing elements to our day that allowed me to have joy in motherhood again. 

Joy isn’t a choice. It’s the result of our choices and the habits we develop from those choices.

“The truth is that joy is a heart condition. The lack of joy is the result of the wrong heart reflections brought on by how we view our current conditions.” Dollie Freeman

Hey, I’m Dollie! Let Me Tell You About the Cups…

Being an overwhelmed mom is one of the hardest places to be in life. I know because I’ve been there and it resulted in me losing my joy… even though I was living my dream life with an amazing husband and children.

At the time, I was going through this overwhelm and losing my joy without talking to anyone about my situation for fear I would be judged and looked at differently. The only time I would share it was when I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

My husband and our children were the ones that I would explode to when the overwhelm was more than I could take at that moment.

I needed help…

It was in my despair that I realized that I was needing to find ways to overcome my overwhelm. To do that meant that I had to change how things looked inside our home in order for me to get different results.

Thankfully, I began making progress in key areas of the home that was causing the overwhelm and robbing me of my joy.

As a blogger, I have the privilege of sharing my story with my readers while providing them with resources to help them overcome their overwhelm, one thing at a time.

So that’s where the cups come in…

Everything that I write is done in a way where I’m sitting at the table, with you as a friend, talking over a cup of coffee, tea, or in my case, water. I desire you to be relaxed and confident that you’re not alone in your overwhelm.

But more importantly, you don’t have to stay overwhelmed. 

So get comfy, pour yourself your favorite beverage, and let’s start chatting like friends across the table!

Here’s to you overcoming your overwhelm while experiencing the joy you deserve as a mom!